Tomas Rimkus, Deiric OBroin and Chris MM Gordon at Irish Social Enterprise Offices in DCUThe Day has Come

The network is delighted to announce our first worker and new offices. We’ve been working hard on getting our members the support that they need and to help build up our directory of trading social enterprises.

New Worker

From last week, Tomas Rimkus has come on board to help us get our directory rocking, and our up and coming events off the ground. Tomas comes with a superb record of working with communities and networks and we’re glad to have him on board.

New Offices

We also have to tell you about our new offices. Thanks to the support of DCU and NorDubCo, we have a space to work from in building our membership and directory. Our new address is:

Irish Social Enterprise Network,
Bea Orpen Building,
DCU Campus,
Glasnevin, Dublin 9.

Also, our phone number is 01 7008853. Feel free to contact us through the usual channels also.

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