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The Employment section of our knowledge/resource base concerns the main employment schemes in Ireland. These are initiatives of the Department of Social Protection that provide work placements (with or without an element of personal training and development) to people who are either long term unemployed and/or on various state benefits. Placements are usually part-time and typically, the “participant” (or employee) is paid an allowance based on the social welfare entitles plus, for example, 20 euro a week “top up”. The majority of work placements are of “community benefit” and hosted by organisations in the voluntary and community sector, many of them social enteprises.

As these schemes represent a significant resource to the community sector, we are including information and links in these pages to the principal employment schemes.  Note that some are well established and it can be difficult for new organisations to obtain placements.  Note too if you are reading these pages from outside RoI, that such “schemes” seem to be an especially Irish phenomenon.

We have not included links to current schemes that are restricted to existing contract-holders. JI, Jobs Initiative, provides full time employment to unemployed people, has been discontinued and is winding down. The Community Services Programme provides an employment subsidy to community businesses who are required to generate independent income and so provide services, employment and facilities in their communities. CSP is closed to new applications.