Pobal “Managing Better” Toolkits

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“Managing Better” toolkits

If you are setting up or expanding a social enterprise or reviewing your structures and systems, then check out Pobal’s Managing Better toolkit series.  The governance toolkit includes model documents, for example template “memo & arts” for limited companies and “standing orders” for conducting board business.

‘Managing Better: tools for taking care of business’ was developed by Pobal to provide guidance and support to the Boards and managers of community, voluntary and other non-profit organisations in the day to day management. There are four volumes in the toolkit series :
It should be noted that these toolkits were written on general best practice.  If you require detailed professional advice you should liaise with your accountants, solicitor, professional body, other as applicable.

More information: https://www.pobal.ie/Beneficiaries/Pages/Managing%20Better.aspx