One of the most positive things we have learned, is to listen to the voice of the membership and those with things to say. We, in Ireland, have some of the greatest thought leaders in this space. We have questioned the status quo (social entrepreneurs are a little like that in nature) and we have sought to get our ideas heard and actioned.

It was because of this experience, that we felt it was time for a space for discussion, strategy, reflection and thought leadership. Hence, the ‘Opinion’ brought to you from the network.

If you have an opinion on anything to do with social enterprises, nationally or globally, social business, social entrepreneurship, social innovation, ideas you want to help spread, discussions you want to start, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Opinions and views are your own, and posting will not be an endorsement from the Irish Social Enterprise Network. But let’s get the conversation started. What’s your opinion?

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