What Do We Do?

We’re the national representative network of social enterprises in Ireland. Whether they’re studying in the area, or thinking about setting up a social enterprise or if they’re already managing or working in a social enterprise. We are working to make the social enterprise sector more visible than it currently is. And we point people to the relevant resources, supports and information they need.

The Irish Social Enterprise Network (ISEN) is the National Body for Social Enterprises in Ireland. We are the only network specific to representing social enterprises in all parts of Ireland.

We as a network focus on three core pillars of activity: Network – Advocacy – Education

We Aim To:

  • Give voice to social enterprises for the work that they do and the issues and challenges that they face
  • Increase awareness raising through promotion and education of the social enterprise sector and model as a means of addressing social needs and inequalities including the rehabilitation of communities across Ireland
  • Learn from best international practice to develop effective models of social enterprise in Ireland
  • Be the authoritative source of essential knowledge in Ireland for managing, developing and supporting social enterprise growth
  • To collaborate and partner with enterprise and local agencies to provide a fuller range of supports and services to their social enterprise clients, including good governance, financial sustainability and delivering and monitoring social impact.

Who We Work With:

We work with social enterprises of all sizes, from individuals in rural communities through to large financially sustainable social enterprises.  Our targets and beneficiaries include:

  • pre-startup, startup and established social enterprises
  • charities and community and voluntary groups that are moving towards a social enterprise model as a means of achieving financial sustainability
  • partners and support agencies for social enterprises and social economy.
  • International networks at European and global level
  • Social Economy Europe Network/ DIESIS/ Euclid/ ENSIE

Why You Should Join Us

Social enterprises work best within a continuum of and in the support of other social enterprises. So, by joining the directory your organisation can have the accessibility to put your passions and ideas in motion while being a part of a matrix of innovative thinking. The directory is not only useful for networking, learning, and expertise but also for the support that fosters brilliant solutions. We believe that by building this network of social enterprises, these new solutions can get the funding and support needed to grow and expand.

If you’re based in Northern Ireland, we’d like to encourage you to get in touch with our friends in Social Enterprise NI.

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