Mapping European Social Economy: Employment, Social Dialogue and the European Pillar of Social Rights (2022-2024).

In many countries, Social Economy Enterprises (SEEs) engage in some form of “social dialogue”, discussing and often negotiating employment-related issues such as wages, working conditions, and training. However, social economy organisations only rarely count as formal social partners in their own right, despite the large number of SEEs and workers active in the sector. The MESMER+ project aims to establish an up-to-date in-depth mapping of activity and representation of social economy players – both from the employers’ and employees’ side – within social dialogue institutions and various industrial relations settings in nine countries : Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Ireland, North Macedonia, Poland, Spain and Sweden. This mapping encapsulates several dimensions, including institutions, actors, practices, and processes.

Not only the continuous dissemination activities on social media but also events ensures wide dissemination of the project aims and outcomes. The project and its partnership are committed to the principles enshrined in the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) and to contributing to the Pillar’s implementation.

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