• The general objective is to make business and processes of WISEs more sustainable and to raise awareness on benefits of greener practices through capacity building, knowledge transfer and transnational cooperation.

As for the specific objectives, they are:

  • Supporting transnational and cross-sectorial cooperation and exchange of good practices to enable sustainable growth of WISEs to face the green transition
  • Upskilling and training towards staff and management of WISEs to green their operations, coaching and mentoring and business support activities
  • Encouraging the uptake and adoption of sustainable measures and innovative solutions
  • Fostering cooperation between WISEs and other relevant stakeholders (e.g., other social enterprises, mainstream businesses, academia and public authorities).     

The consortium is composed of 6 partners:

ENSIE (European Network of Social Integration Enterprises – coordinator, Belgium);

  • arbeit plus (Soziale Unternehmen Osterreich, Austria);
  • Re-Use Austria 
  • EVT (Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali)
  • IIR (Consorzio Nazionale Idee in Rete Società Cooperativa Sociale)
  • ISEN (Irish Social Enterprise Network, Ireland);


GreenBoost4WISEs is a project co-financed by the Single Market Programme and the Grant Agreement number is 101127813.

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