Social Enterprise Helpline

Mon – Fri
10am to 4pm

Social Enterprise Helpline

COVID-19 is affecting everyone. the network has been working and taking calls as communities and social enterprises change activities to match the emerging needs. We have been listening, working and helping as new and existing initiatives are providing care and support.

As of Monday 6th April 2020, the Irish Social Enterprise Network has been using their resources  to deliver a Social Enterprise Helpline to listen to social enterprises and issues they face. The number is free and accessible to any social enterprise, social entrepreneurs and social enterprise managers.

Phone 089 255 0289

We aim to:

> Provide information on newly available funds, grants, loans and social investment organisations.

> Signpost you to relevant resources, websites, toolkits and external support.

> Broker connections to organisations or wider support services

> Enable access to wider ISEN support services such as workshops, training, funded projects and start up.

> Book an in-depth coaching support session for social enterprise CEOs, managers and social entrepreneur leaders.

Our purpose is to continue to support and help guide the social enterprise sector through this extraordinary #COVID19 challenge, both economically and individually.

We can best do this by sharing our knowledge and expertise, building resilience within the sector, adapting our social enterprise services, as well as catalysing business continuity and sustainability to the best of our best ability.

For more information, please call 089 255 0289.

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