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Chris MM Gordon

Chris is the current CEO and CoFounder of the Irish Social Enterprise Network. Chris was the interim Director of Social Enterprise NI, the representative voice of social enterprise in Northern Ireland.  Through the ExportCoop.ie, Chris brought together Irish SME exporters reducing business costs through cooperative means opening up new avenues for business growth. Chris is the Country Partner for the international BCorp movement and has spoken widely on the topics of doing well and doing good through business. Chris’ work focuses on social enterprise, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, startups, cooperative development, exporting and small business in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Through his deep and broad engagement with social enterprises, his experience reflects grassroots organisations. He engages on national discourse and policy development providing sectoral reporting, supports and proposals to government.


Stuart Fraser


Stuart is the Chair of and cofounder of the Irish Social Enterprise Network. Stuart has worked in health care and social enterprises as a Nurse and Manager for the last 25 years in Scotland, England and now Ireland.  His experience includes working in trading and service delivery social enterprises and also has represented ISEN in linking with international social enterprise partners. He currently is the Director of Inchicore and Bluebell Community Addiction Teams which has a small income generator in child care for socially excluded children and is also the Chair of the Board of Management for Community Response which is another voluntary sector health provider with specialities in alcohol and Hepatitis C He has a First Class Honours Masters Degree in Management Community and Voluntary Sector and his Master’s thesis investigated developing a green social enterprise. He also sat on Mentor Iontach which was the advisory group for the Msc in Social Enterprise run by DCU Ryan Academy. He also has a passion for music and has been seen fronting a dodgy Dr Feelgood tribute band in Dublin. His other passion is old vintage VW campervans and has been seen at many a motorway service station with his van waiting for the AA. LinkedIn


Danielle Byrne

In 1998 curiosity took me to the launch of some new thing called Social Enterprise London.  I loved the idea.  It made sense of my life to date:  marketing in the private sector and managing a chamber of commerce were not, after all, so at odds with my new job of running environmental agency Groundwork Hackney.  Groundwork might have been a charity but we were as enterprising as any commercial organisation I had worked in.  AND, I could see what social enterprise could do for the Walworth Garden, a green horticulture/ training charity, also in the deepest inner city, where I was a board member.  Walworth Garden went on to be placed in the RBS Top 100 Social Enterprise list.  I then moved from managing  to funding: first with Groundwork UK where I was the director for London and the South East, then with a hop and a skip back to Dublin in 2006 to work for Pobal as programme manager of the Community Services Programme after its transfer from the Social Economy Programme.   I am now loving my third age career as a doctoral researcher in the Business School and Centre for Social Innovation of Trinity College Dublin.  My research interests include looking at social enterprise characteristics in state funded nonprofits and contribute to teaching Social Entrepreneurship and Business in Society.


Pascal Derrien


Currently sitting in the Microsoft Customer Service & Tech Support EMEA Leadership Team Pascal is a Senior Business & Operations Leader providing executive support to an organisation encompassing 400 Full Time Employees and up to 1000 Vendors through 7 Technology lines of business in EMEA.   He is currently managing a team of 18 individuals composed of 10 Directs Senior Business and Operations Managers and their respective Analysts teams   With a strong customer centric culture based on active listening & proactive tracking including Customer Experience metrics and competitive intelligence, Pascal through his career has built numerous senior teams (up to 50 people) and divisions in multi-country dimension and cross boundaries set up set up. He has also led numerous World Wide developmental projects such as Global Enterprise Organization Capacity, Partner & Field Division Evolution or innovative adoption of technology such as RFID. On a day to day basis he has administered, guided or billed large billing transactions worth triple digits figures with direct impact on customer satisfaction & market share value.   Multi Award Winner Pascal is a driven individual whose executive maturity enabled him to drive multiple flagship initiatives such as the launch of a well-known Game Console in EMEA Pascal has also driven the executive relationship and acted as liaison officer between the entire Microsoft General Manager Community in Central & Eastern Europe and the European Operations Centre for which he received the EMEA Champion GM award in 2012   With a strong humanist ethos Pascal always put the organic growth of an organisation first while balancing out the strategic need of execution.


Emma McEvoy


Emma McEvoy is a Ph.D. candidate at Maynooth University, Department of Law. Emma’s research interests revolve around public procurement legislation and the inclusion of social clauses in public contracts. Emma graduated with a BA in Economics, Politics and Law from DCU in 2007 and an MA in Development in 2009. Emma was employed as a legal research assistant from 2011 to 2013 on the Interreg EU funded “Winning in Tendering” project. Winning in Tendering is strategic research project aimed at transforming the public sector tendering experience of small indigenous suppliers. Emma was responsible for assessing the impact of the EU Public Procurement Remedies Directive on small suppliers selling into the Irish public market. Over the last three years, Emma facilitated a variety of training programmes for public procurers and SMEs. Emma is a co-author of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce’s “Are tenders on your Radar” report and co-author on a social-enterprise orientated “How to Engage in the Public Sector Market” guidance document. Emma strives to re-examine the key ideas and assumptions that shape the production of knowledge in this arena.


Duncan Walker

Duncan is an experienced Project Manager with 25 years’ experience in the Healthcare, Disability and Social Housing sectors. Prior to moving to Ireland in 2003 Duncan worked in the public and private healthcare sectors managing a range of services and projects. He also worked for various Local Authorities in the Greater London region, managing large scale housing projects. For the past 15 years Duncan has worked in the Social/Voluntary housing sector in Ireland, working at all levels from managing individual housing development projects to strategic level on a number of Boards of Management. In 2013, Duncan commenced working for WALK, a disability service provider based in Walkinstown in South Dublin. As well as working on housing projects supporting people with intellectual disabilities to move from group housing to independent, community-based accommodation, Duncan also managed a start-up social enterprise in Walkinstown , Dublin – the Green Kitchen cafés & garden centre. This social enterprise provides training in the hospitality and horticulture sectors and supports people with intellectual disabilities to progress to further training and employment. Duncan is currently working as a freelance consultant in the social economy sector. LinkedInDuncan WalkerTwitter – @duncanhousing

Tom Slattery

Tom is an experienced senior manager with a Master’s degree in Business Administration from UCD who has worked in a number of major international companies as well as a stint in the charity Sector. Tom has volunteered all of his life. In 2012 he entered (initially unknowingly) into the Social Enterprise sector with his colleague from the Charity sector – both determined to move from “charity” to “self sustaining” Social Enterprise and he has not looked back. He has a history in customer services with key skills in people management, strategy and operations delivery management with a serious eye to performance in terms of delivery quality and budget adherence. He has managed up to 950 staff with a budget of €40M, his current venture is a little smaller – the social enterprise THIRD SPACE Café’s currently in Smithfield and Aungier St. Between the big job and Social Enterprise he took a significant career change in 2006 to work for a small Irish charity. And then in 2012 Tom helped get the concept off the ground and is now the General manager of Third Space. Others testify that he has a key capability in being very good at taking the intangible and implementing it tangibly. Third Space is a social enterprise venture set up to open and run eating and meeting places in the redeveloped areas of Dublin that lack community hubs. Each Third Space is to be the hub in its area, the place to gather and connect. Built around simple but great food and drink, served in an informal environment by welcoming staff, they have a creative buzz reflecting the vibrant variety of life at the heart of a modern urban community. Third Space won the Inner City Enterprise grant in 2016. Tom also joined the board of ISEN in 2016. Since then he has been advising many entrepreneurs on his learnings in the sector. See Tom’s business profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomslattery1/ and he can be contacted at tslattery@thirdspace.ie

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