Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards 2019 – €50,000 fund presented to winners.

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The Deputy Lord Mayor of Dublin, Tom Brabazon along with Minister Michael Ring presented the Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards 2019 this morning at Wood Quay Venue, Dublin City Council. The awards ceremony is a special event to celebrate this year’s winners and to highlight and encourage social enterprise development in Dublin City and beyond.

This year 6 awardees received funding from a total pool of €50,000 which will assist their Social Enterprises to further expand and support more individuals and communities across Dublin City. The issues that the awardees are seeking to address include: childcare, sustainability, health, family support, homelessness, social inclusion, training, education and long term employment opportunities. Furthermore these social enterprises often work with and seek to practically help people: who are disadvantaged, particularly far from the labour market or far from inclusion in their local communities.

The Deputy Lord Mayor praised the important contribution of the awardees stating that “It is so important that we highlight this growing sector and the contribution social enterprises make to delivering community, economic and policy benefits across Dublin City. The social enterprises we are celebrating today, work with communities and individuals providing vital opportunities and support for employment, inclusion, education and positive change”.

Regarding the awards ceremony and scheme, Minister Ring stated:

“These awards recognise and celebrate the impact that social enterprise is having in communities throughout our capital. Behind each of today’s award recipients are individuals and groups working and innovating together for the common good. The Government’s recently launched National Policy on Social Enterprise marks the start of a new phase in the development of social enterprise in Ireland and I believe that its implementation will enable the sector to reach its full potential.”

This year’s social enterprise awardees are:

Social Enterprise: Promoter: Website:
Mellow Springs Rachel Duff http://www.mellowspring.ie/
Grow Dome Niall O Brien http://www.thegrowdomeproject.com
Siel Bleu Thomas McCabe http://www.sielbleu.ie/
My Streets Ireland Austen Campbell http://www.mystreetsireland.com/
Frontline Bikes Stuart Fraser https://www.frontlinemakechange.com/
First Light Fionnuala Sheehan https://firstlight.ie/

A video of each social enterprise highlighting their role and operations in addressing a social need is available on LEO Dublin City’s Youtube Channel:


Further information about the Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards:

Now in its fifth year, at this year’s awards social enterprises will be showcased who were selected as winners by an evaluation committee. The programme and competition aims to increase awareness of the important contribution that social enterprise makes to building communities, creating employment and developing the skills of the participants who get involved.
The scheme was first established in 2015 through a collaboration between Dublin City Council, Inner City Enterprise (ICE) and the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) Dublin City to provide grants to kick-start the creation and development of social enterprises in Dublin City. The awards are funded by Dublin City Council and the Department of Rural and Community Development and are managed by Inner City Enterprise.
Further information about the Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards:

The funding awarded to the winning social enterprises will allow them to further develop their plans and activities and bring the benefits of their social enterprises to more individuals and communities.

Further Information about the Dublin City Social Enterprise Awards 2019 – event:

The event was organised by various stakeholders in partnership such as: Dublin City Council; Dublin City Social Enterprise Committee; Inner City Enterprise and Local Enterprise Office Dublin City.

The ceremony was part of a series – which represents Dublin’s involvement in the European Commission’s: European Social Economy Regions – 2019 Project. The objective of the project is to build networks of Social Economy and Social Enterprise stakeholders and to raise awareness about the Social Economy at regional and local level. To find out more about ESER 2019, please visit: European Social Economy Regions 2019. (https://ec.europa.eu/growth/content/european-social-economy-regions-2019_en)

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