From our friends in GrowRemote:

Grow Remote training course in remote work will help people access new employment  

  • Grow Remote has been providing training to those who are unemployed to over 200 people
  • In response to the new lock down, the course is opening for applications for a fully funded, online course in remote work.
  • The sessions help candidates get the basics in remote work as a skill, hear from remote employers, and access a nationwide community of remote workers.

If there was ever a time to enhance your professional profile with the confidence and skills of remote working, it is now. The new COVID 19 restrictions have led to uncertainty for many people in terms of their current and furniture employment.

In response to both the current situation and the future remote working opportunity, LOETB, in collaboration with IDA Ireland, SOLAS and Grow Remote, have created a new online national training programmes that develop the capability and capacity of those wishing to become Remote Workers

The potential business benefits of Remote Working have been acknowledged for some time – enhancing the ability to attract and retain top talent, contributing to a more contented and productive team, and lowering the cost base. Remote working can contribute to regional development through sustainable rural communities, while also addressing inclusion and diversity in workforces by removing some barriers to work. It also offers companies and employees the opportunity to focus on output rather than attendance, while building resilience and business continuity. There are currently over 200 locationless jobs open for applications which can accessed through the Grow Remote job’s board.

‘Remote Work Ready’ is designed for unemployed and underemployed people hoping to transition to a remote working role and is fully funded.

The programme is 100% online, available nationally and is between 7-14 weeks in duration. Please follow this link to apply or find out more.


CONTACT: For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Tracy Keogh on 087-6965571

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