Social Economy Tackling the Unfair Treatment
of Women in Enterprises
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What is Set The Tone project about…

Sexual harassment creates a hostile work environment for employees who are the targets of harassment, and often, for those who choose to report harassment. Workers will feel insecure about their work and may be unable to work, with consequent impacts on productivity and corporate and public costs.

To tackle this central issue, the project aims to:

  • Understand workers knowledge and perception of Gender-Based Violence
  • Encourage exchange of experiences and competences among enterprises
  • Train managers to counter prejudices and norms that condone sexual harassment
  • Empower workers at making them aware of sexual harassment
  • Facilitate the recognition of symbolic violence at workplace
  • Engage private sector, trade unions and public authorities
  • Raise awareness to tackle prejudices and gender stereotypes
The project seeks to achieve its objectives through 4 main outputs:
  • an assessment of the level of knowledge about different kind of Gender-based violence in enterprises;
  • an awareness campaign to sensitise the employees as well as the general public on the different kind of violence;
  • a training course to guarantee an adequate knowledge and awareness of the problem;
  • a charter of engagement to outline company’s approach to Gender-based violence fight and set a few principles to ensure the implementation of actions;
Grant Agreement Number – 101005480
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