In the framework of ENSIE 20th anniversary, the campaign #BuyResponsible has been launched and is developed during all the 2021!

The campaign targets different type of public, also the public authorities! For this reason, if you are a local, regional or national authority that make use of reserved market following article 20 of the Directive 2014/24/EU (above the European threshold), don’t hesitate to contact us via because we want to promote you! You can contact us also if you’re a WISE or social economy representative and you know a similar reserved contract.

In this crucial year for ENSIE and our campaign the European Commission seems to know it and has recently published the second edition of ‘Buying social: A guide to taking account of social considerations in public procurement’ providing practical indications for public buyers to consider the social impact of the goods, services, and works they purchase. It is a non-binding document but it could be a real guide for public buyers to consider the social impact of their purchases and to use social procurement to achieve social goals, among which we often find job creation and social inclusion.

The guide reflects the changes introduced by the 2014 EU directives on public procurement, which created a flexible legal framework for the use of socially responsible public procurement (SRPP), defined in the guide as ‘about achieving positive social outcomes in public procurement contracts’.

With SRRP the public purchases must not only be guided by the principle ‘the lowest price’ or ‘best value for money’, but also by ensuring that procurement achieves social benefits throughout the entire procurement process.

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