From Social Economy Europe

As foreseen in SEAP, the Commission is currently working to put forward a proposal for a Council recommendationon developing socialeconomy framework conditions by the first half of 2023. Such a recommendation, for which SEE has strongly advovcated since 2017, would serve as tool to invite and accompany Member States and/or local and regional authorities in modernise their  legal and policy frameworks to better integrate the needs ofi social economy entities.

Recommendations are foreseen to cover areas as employment policy, state aid, public procurement, taxation, research, education, skills and training, care and social services, financial and non-financial support, statistics, and others. The Recommendation will therefore advise national governments to develop policy across government departments and to setup single entry points in national administrations to strengthen the dialogue and co-construction of solutions with social economy stakeholders. Webinars and training

SEE is currently working on a reply to the consultation. We also invite social economy stakeholders to raise your voice on your needs and on how this recommendation could help you to improve the framework conditions at national level.

Contribute to the call for evidence here before 30 September 2022, you can write your contribution in any of the EU official languages. 

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