Since last July, partners have been very active working in the Net-Works Project, pubishing recently the third deliverable “Repertory on Financial Sustainability of Networks”. This report provides information about the various types of entities networks use to establish, information about network’s governance structures, how networks engage with members, different income streams for networks and the likely costs when operating a network.

You can find the full report here

We hope that findings from this report will be of great value to project partners initiating new networks when developing the long-term action plan, as well as a useful tool for already operating networks in order to re-evaluate their approach to structure, governance, fundraising and sustainability.

Other than that, since last July partners have met with stakeholders in Dublin, completed the 5th and last peer to peer working session during which they focused on networks financial sustainability, and exchanged over the last project developments in Budapest, where they also organised an experts table.

More information on link above.

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