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Social Enterprises in Construction

We are on the lookout for social enterprises that can make a difference in communities and regeneration projects on the building site and construction projects. Do you know any?

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Are you a Social Enterprise?

We are on the lookout for social enterprises, do you meet the following criteria?

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Largest Network for Social Enterprises, Social Entrepreneurs and Social Innovators in Ireland

Irish Social Enterprise Network

Social Enterprise in Ireland has a new home. We are here to help social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and social innovators in getting their idea off the ground and providing the supports to grow. We are here to build a network that will change and impact their social mission as well as foster an entrepreneurial sphere of passionate and groundbreaking models of social change. We are here to:

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  • Be an open and inclusive network for social enterprise social entrepreneurs and social innovators
  • Provide and direct people to supports and training
  • Help shape public policy
  • Provide visibility and a channel for telling the stories of each enterprise, innovator, and entrepreneur
  • A safe space for developing social enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovators


Check out our new resources section for the latest in all of the developments in the sector.

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What’s Going On in Socent.ie?

SOUP Dublin is back (and looking for you!)

We are back in SOUP season. New dates for SOUP events are 4th October and 17th of November. Same place (Third Space at the Y), same routine (4 ideas, 4 minutes, 4 questions each, then soup and chat and finally vote), cost €5, registration from 18.45 and presentations...

When it comes to creating inclusion, how is Ireland doing?

As the 2016 Rio Paralympics gets set to take the world stage, it is a good time to examine how we are really doing in Ireland compared to other countries, when it comes to creating inclusion amongst people with disabilities. Are there simple solutions that other...

Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF)

The Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) is the international event for social enterprises all over the world to come together and discuss policy and practice, to learn from one another and to network. The high quality of the audience is represented from an eclectic...

KBC Bright Ideas 2016

KBC Bright Ideas is looking for people with ideas that will affect the community. There will be €100,000 available in funding across 8 regions. See the details below. More...

BNest and Nexus Social Incubator Programme

BNest and Nexus Innovation Centre (University of Limerick)have set up an incubator programme to help social entrepreneurs to find the balance between the Social, Business, and Personal aspects of their work. The programme will be peer-based, and will take place over a...

Social Enterprise NI Jobs

Business in the Community Northern Ireland (NI), a leading partner in Social Enterprise NI,  is seeking people for important jobs as part of their Social Economy Work Programme.   Director of Social Enterprise NI “We have an exciting opportunity for a...

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