We are proud to announce a grant scheme available for social enterprises in the Dublin area with our friends at Inner City Enterprise.

Who can benefit?

Anyone can pretty much benefit if you are involved in a social enterprise. The grant scheme is open to startup and established social enterprises that have a business plan and model and could benefit from the amounts.  There are some limitations:

  • You must be in Dublin
  • Am company limited by guarantee or a cooperative
  • You will need to get public liability insurance before a draw down of funds
  • Must provide one year financial accounts (if applicable)

How much is on offer?

While the final amount is not yet established, the overall fund is in the region of €45,000. As this is likely to be divided between 3 to 5 social enterprises, you can reasonably expect the final amount to be in the region of €10k- €15k each.

While this might be the amount of offer, it should be noted that the business plan should reflect a real need that can be met with this grant showing a clear path for how the monies can grown the company.

What do I need to know?

The application deadline is fast approaching!

20th May 2015

Sign up to make the most of this opportunity now.

Find out more on our page at https://www.socent.ie/grant-scheme/

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