Social Value Procurement

On June 15, 2015, an event called Spending Socially was held in Galway to bring together a unique range of experts in the fields of public procurement and the social economy. The main purpose of this event was to support awareness amongst social economy actors of procurement processes, and to encourage policy makers and government buyers to design contracts for services that asses not only the value of money as a criterion but also the potential social and community benefits.

In 2102, FORFAS, Ireland’s formers advisory board for enterprise and trade, issued a report on social enterprises in Ireland. FORFAS recognised that, because of capacity constraints, social enterprises are at a disadvantage in accessing public procurement. The event in Galway was meant to raise awareness about this problem and to support capacity building with respect to tendering processes, in particular for those interested in promoting social enterprises that focus on creating employment opportunities for marginalised groups.

Linked below is the audio from a talk done by Chris Gordon at the Spending Socially event. This piece ran on the radio station Galway Bay FM.


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