What is the Animate programme by Social Innovation Fund Ireland?


Enquiries are rolling in for the Animate programme, so if you are wondering whether you should apply, read on…But remember that applications close on 30th September, and if you start on the last day, you probably won’t get it in in time.


Animate is the first call for applications by Social Innovation Fund Ireland. We seek applications from early stage projects that have figured out a solution to a pressing social issue here in Ireland. To quality it needs to be innovative, it needs to be better that the solutions we currently use, and it needs to be cost effective. We really want to help to create jobs too.


You don’t have to be a social enterprise to qualify, but we are especially interested in your applications.


What do we mean by “early stage”? It has be more than an idea, it needs to be already up and running, and its effectiveness tested to some extent at least. We will ask you how many people have used your innovation, and what level of testing it has experienced. Does it definitely work or are you still figuring that out?


What do the three winners get?

An Award made up of €10k in cash, plus a 4 month programme of capacity building, that aims to ensure that the projects has crystal clear priorities for the next 6-12 months, and the resources to go after them.


If you think you might fit the bill, the Application Form is here or email if are not sure and want to ask a question.



Deirdre Mortell, CEO

Social Innovation Fund Ireland

t @SInnovationIRL

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