Cultivate have announced the programme for Convergence 2015, a sustainable living festival that they have curated since 2000. The events will run from the 19th – 31st of October.


The events will build on Ireland’s rich tradition of co-operatives, and the current interest in community ownership; co-housing; community share options; renewable energy co-operatives; artist and food co-ops; and community-owned pubs and shops.


There will be a number of stalls, talks, workshops, facilitated ‘café’ conversations and film screenings on the 26th, highlighting how a co-operative response can play a greater role in contributing to the regeneration of our local areas and strengthening the resilience of our communities. We would greatly appreciate if the Irish Social Enterprise Network would host a stall at this Co-operative fair.


There will be a fee of €35 euro to cover costs for the venue. For more information on the events for each date, follow the link below.


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