First UK/ Ireland FEBEA Members

We at the Irish Social Enterprise Network would like to congratulate all at UCIT and Community Finance Ireland for achieving membership of in Poland today. FEBEA is the European Federation of Ethical and Alternative Banks and Financiers. 

Check out Community Finance Ireland and UCIT Ltd at their respective sites.

Their mission:

“FEBEA set itself the task of developing the ethical and social finance in Europe. Through the activities of its members and its own initiatives, FEBEA defends a committed, rigorous and ambitious vision of ethical and social finance. The Federation supports social finance, social economy entrepreneurs and all citizens and groups who work for the development of a fairer, more sustainable and more inclusive society.

To this end, the Federation has therefore set concrete objectives:
  • support the exchange of information and experiences and cooperation between national networks and social economy and finance practitioners in Europe and in the European free trade area;
  • represent its members at the EU institutions and the financial and political organizations and leverage different political levels and European institutions;
  • concretely support the efforts of its members, including in the creation of banking and financial instruments that are necessary to accomplish their goals. For this purpose, find more in FEBEA has created a financial cooperative, SEFEA, as well as a set of social financial tools managed by its members to promote the emergence of these new alternative finance initiatives. “
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