From our friends in BNest via us in!

On the 5th December in the BOIWorkbench Limerick, we in the hosted a BNest Ask&Advise night. As ever in Limerick, the audience gathered were positive and helpful, engaged and keen to see projects succeed.

What is Ask&Advise Evening?

The format is open for social enterprises and friends and unlike other events, turns the tables on the audience gathered. We have one social enterprise at a time, come to present their organisation for one minute and give the collected audience a specific ask. On the night we had requests for help for a vacant space, through to introducing an electronic diary, finding office space, seeking funding, seeking ideas for products and collecting impact for a walking group.

How to be involved?

From our own personal years of running the event, each and every group brings new challenges, new solutions and their own energy. Given a specific ask that can potentially be solved, and being open to listening to suggestions from your colleagues can be a rewarding experience. Each time, new initiatives bubble up and people who attend who may not know how they can be involved, end up having some of the best ideas.

Never underestimate the power of like minded people wanting to help out with a good cause.

New era

Ireland is going through a new era of people who want to help develop social enterprises and make a collective impact.

The Ask&Advise event showed that those traits are alive and well in Limerick. A big congratulations to BNest crew who really pulled out the stops to encourage people to turn up with their positivity and their questions. We would love to see if there is potential to run more Ask&Advise session in future. Check out for further information and enquire on the site.

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