Community leaders, social entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations and small businesses are invited to Social Impact Listening Hour. Help define Local Problems, learn about Global Goals and practical innovation tools to solve problems fast.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018
5:30 PM to 7:45 PM
Bank of Ireland Workbench, 125 O’Connell Street · Limerick

What are the key problems affecting your non-profit or community?

Come to The Ladder Listening hour and tell us the key issues affecting you, Limerick city and it’s people – to create a shared map, and work together to accelerate impact.

1. Social issues in the community? Drugs, violence, well-being
2. Organisational Growth, revenue and funding
3. Staffing, training and retention
4. Regulatory issues and impact measurement
5. Smart Cities
6. Use of historical buildings
7. Technology concerns and opportunities
8. Mental health
9. Aligning to Global Goals
10.Innovation – testing ideas and validating before investing

The Ladder is a community of 900+ cross-functional experts working together to address critical challenges and opportunities with our 6 step direct action workshop with proven outcomes.
Attendees are eligible for 100% funding, €8,500 equivalent, for a Ladder Sprint workshop, the first of which will run each Wednesday eve Oct 31st 2018 until December 12th

Previous Non-Profit partners
Migrants Rights Centre of Ireland
Galway Civic Trust
Self Organised Architecture (SOA.IE)

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