Dear all, 
Empow’Her, an international NGO promoting women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship worldwide, is currently exploring the topic of women in social entrepreneurship in Europe. In 2017, we launched the Women’Act program in France and we have since been supporting over 100 women changemakers to grow their ambitions and the impact of their projects. 
We are now looking at expanding this program to a European scale, and our first step is to run a study on women social entrepreneurs, to understand what are their specific difficulties and their support needs. The report, which will be launched in September, will aim at anyone interested in the topic, policy makers but also organizations supporting social entrepreneurs to implement more gender inclusive practices. 
For this study to have a European reach and to be as representative as possible, we now need your help to share it broadly with women social entrepreneurs across Europe in your networks. The study covers 32 countries, i.e 28 EU countries, Lichtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.  Here is the LINK of the online survey (which takes max.10′ to fill in) and a short message to spread the word : 

” Empow’Her is currently running a study on women in social entrepreneurship in Europe and they need your help to better understand what difficulties you have met and what are your support needs ! 

Are you a woman social entrepreneur looking at joining a European community of women changemakers ? Please take a few minutes to answer this survey ! Your answers will be kept anonymous but feel free to leave your e-mail to be updated about the next steps of the project ! Thank you !

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