Exploring Opportunities for Social Enterprise “Tein-Eigen the Need-Fire”
– A monthly online series of live community conversations.

When: Starting Tuesday 25th June 2019 

Time: 14.30-16.00pm

Format: Introduction Session starts Tuesday 25th June 2019 followed by 6 online sessions which will run the 2nd Tuesday of every month on the following dates: 

  • Tuesday 9th July; 13th August; 10th September; 8th October; 12th November and 10th December 2019.

What: This series of live online conversations on social enterprise development aims to meet the emerging needs of communities wishing to collaborate online who have an interest in social enterprise development. 

Where: Our community conversation will convene online, using the online platform ZOOM initially and will integrate other tools as the series develops.

Broad Theme: Online Collaboration and Opportunities for Social Enterprise in Communities

Convener: Suzie Cahn, Social Enterprise Coordinator, An Cosan VCC

Why you should attend? 
These seminars will provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Meet people who wish to learn about new and innovative ideas, embrace technology enhanced collaboration, and empower individuals and communities through social enterprise.
  • Engage in stimulating conversations and incubate new ideas and future collaborations
  • Network with peers and others outside of your existing networks from diverse fields but with a common focus

What will be discussed?
The following topics are suggested themes that will be covered in the online series. Themes will be confirmed in collaboration with participants.

  • Online peer to peer support and collaborative hubs for Social Enterprises
  • Women in Social Enterprise
  • Social Enterprise and community led Climate action
  • Rural regeneration through Social Enterprise
  • Social Enterprise & Development: Lessons from Global South
  • Inclusion, Innovation, Identity: opportunities for those left farthest behind in Social Enterprise
  • Maker Spaces: Social Enterprise and the Circular economy
  • Systemic Thinking, Interconnection Social Enterprise cross-disciplinary educators Community of Practice 

For more Information: 

If you would like to receive more information contact Suzie Cahn, Social Enterprise Coordinator on email or phone the office on 01 534 1847 or mobile 086 4105898.

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