The Irish Social Enterprise Network has joined with other ENSIE members in calling for the establishment of the Social Economy Intergroup. This intergroup has been a key panel on allowing for the voice of social economy organisations across Ireland to be recognised. We are hoping that Ireland’s MEPs will recognise this incredible work.
Here are some of the emails sent:
Dear MEP,

Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs) contribute to a sustainable development by socially and professionally integrating the most marginalized individuals in the society.

Therefore, we in the Irish Social Enterprise Network, as well as the other Members of the European Network of Work Integration Social Enterprises (ENSIE), encourage you to read our memorandum laying out the actions to be put in place at the EU level to ensure WISEs’ prosperity.

As of now, you can start supporting WISEs and their contributions to a fairer Europe by adding your name to the list of Members of the European Parliament in favor of the re-establishment of the Social Economy Intergroup in the European Parliament. It will be carried by ENSIE (in copy of this email) and other members of Social Economy Europe in Parliament. For more information about the procedure you can contact ENSIE, which is also available to meet you personally.

Thank you very much in advance for your support,

With best regards,

Staff & Board


Irish Social Enterprise Network
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