Taken from LinkedIn DIESIS: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/diesis-coop_diesis-is-happy-to-welcome-two-new-members-activity-6575650919340474369-zTyW

Diesis is happy to welcome two new members! The Irish Social Enterprise Network, from Ireland, and Mladiinfo International, from North Macedonia are two networks of organisations that work actively on the national and international level. Their membership will allow Diesis community to foster cooperation on a larger European scale. The Irish Social Enterprise Network (ISEN) is a representative membership organisation that is the national organisation voice of social enterprises, social entrepreneurs and social innovators in Ireland. ISEN, as a network, focuses on three core pillards of activity: Network, Advocacy and Education. Mladiinfo International is a non-governmental organisation based in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia. Mladiinfo is dedicated to help young people to fulfill their educational potential. To achieve this mission, they run a network that has branch offices in 4 countries in Central and East Europe (CEE-Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Montenegro). They are actively engaged in the fields of youth information, youth empowerment and social entrepreneurship. We very much look forward to keep growing together!


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