21 January @ 7:00 pm9:00 pm

The course takes place each Tuesday night for 4 weeks from the 21st of January.

Cooperatives are one of the most successful and resilient business models in the world. In 2011 the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) calculated that etc world’s largest 300 earned a combined revenue comparable to the ODP of the ninth largest economy. Despite this level of global success the cooperative model remains an enigma to many members of the public. Find a definition for cooperative run business here.

This course examines the factors behind the rise and the rapid growth of the cooperative movement in the the nineteenth century and takes the story up to the present day. We will examine the challenges that have faced, and continue to face, those who promoted the cooperative businesses. In particular the course examines several key questions:

  • What are the factors that encourage people to organise themselves in to cooperative societies?
  • What types of institutions emerge from cooperative activity?
  • How do these institutions shape and influence the structures of modern states and international organisations.

The course will be a combination of lectures and interactive tutorials in a blended approach to learning. The module will be facilitated by the tutor, using a variety of quality learning materials and will include specially selected readings and primary sources to stimulate discussion, individual and group activities and the use fo case studies.

Dr. Patrick Doyle is a historian of modern Ireland with a focus on the history of cooperative movements. He has written series of articles and presentations on the topic and recently published his first book Civilising Rural Ireland: The Irish Co-opertive Movement, Development and the Nation-State, 1889-1939. He also works within the wider co-op movement to promote eduction across the sector.

Course Outline:

  • The origin of cooperation
  • The history of cooperation in Ireland
  • Cooperation: A global perspective.
  • Cooperation since the Crash and the Future of the Movement.
The price for all 4 classes is €50 full price and €35 concession but if you’d like to attend the course and do not have the funds to do so please get in touch with us at We believe that education should be accessible to all.
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