From our friends in BNest:

Five 2 hour sessions, delivered online over a three week period.
Costs are normally €60 per organisation (2 people max.) but are being deferred to reflect the current extraordinary challenging time.

How to Articulate, Measure & Communicate your Impact to those who need to understand.

The “Articulating Your Impact” Workshop Has Two Key Goals;

1. Helping you better understand and quantify the real impact of what you do. Helping you to articulate it in a meaningful way the impact created through your enterpriseWithin the workshop you will learn:

– What does Impact mean, particularly in the Social Enterprise Space?
– What does Impact mean for YOUR enterprise?
– Why should you measure YOUR Impact?
– HOW can you measure YOUR impact?
– Who should be aware of the impact you are creating with our enterprise?

At the end of this course you will be in a position to:

– Create a practical “Impact Articulation Plan” for your enterprise
– Create an implementation plan and approach for that plan
– Learn how to demonstrate your impact to those relevant people that can make a difference to the work that you do

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