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On Wednesday 13th May, we opened the first phase of our ‘Innovate Together Fund’ which calls for applications from emerging innovations that address the current and long-term social, economic and environmental challenges caused by COVID-19.

‘Innovate Together’ is a collaboration between Government, philanthropists and social innovations. The Government have already committed €5 million to this Fund from the Department of Rural and Community Development via the Dormant Accounts Fund. Now we are asking the philanthropic community to join this vital initiative.

In less than one week over 600 projects have begun an application to the Fund. To ensure as many organisations as possible can get the help they need to support those affected most by the COVID-19 pandemic we are asking for your help.

We call on you, businesses and philanthropists, to come together and back the unprecedented response of the charity sector to this crisis. Whether big or small, multinational or indigenous, we ask you to donate and to build on the Government commitment of €5 million. Now is our chance to collaborate and invest in the social innovations contributing to a recovery that can and must be inclusive, equal and sustainable.

Medtronic Foundation, a charitable foundation, funded solely by medical technology company Medtronic, dedicated to improving health among underserved populations and supporting communities worldwide, has set an example for the philanthropic community through a €70,000 donation.

If you would like to support the Innovate Together Fund please contact us at

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The Fund will seek applications from projects achieving impact in:

  • Enabling online education:  providing primary and post-primary school students with access to technology hardware and any other necessary supports.
  • Youth mental health interventions: delivering services in new ways or offering new types of services (intervention and prevention).
  • Circular economy: solutions for the efficient re-use and recycling of materials.
  • Improving food security: increasing independent food production for Ireland and reducing food imports.
  • New ways of working remotely: our new ways of working are here to stay, and innovations are needed to smooth the transition from office to working at home.
  • Community outreach: finding new ways to reach and support vulnerable and marginalised groups.
  • Re-skilling our workforce: with the shift in our economy and the potential closure of businesses, there is a need for re-training and re-education of workers.
  • Physical health: online medical and physical health innovations.

Over the next five months there will be three rounds of the Innovate Together Fund:
Round One open call (13th May 2020 – 27th May 2020). To begin your application click here.
Round Two open call in June 2020
Round Three open call in September 2020


If you have any further questions on this Fund please visit or contact us at

Apply now to the Innovate Together Fund


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