We are delighted to announce our next webinar in our Lunchtime series every other Tuesday at 13:00.

Our next speaker is Pat Kennedy, CEO eTownz.ie and eConcepts.ie who will take us through how to write a tech spec for a social enterprise going digital. We have been asked by social enterprises to bring content that is relevant to our current experiences. With a number of platforms all offering services to bring social enterprise online, it can be difficult to know what systems are best and where to go next.

For a presentation of 15 mins or so, Pat will take us through what is needed to get a specifications sheet together so that you can better get technology to suit your needs. During the talk, Pat will provide simple steps which social enterprises can take to understand their digital needs and how to develop robust plans and specifications to develop and implement their digital plans.

Pat is CEO of eTownz which also trades as eConcepts. Pat has 20 years of experience researching and developing digital tools & solutions to support local/regional development and civil society as a whole. Originally studying engineering and then social science, Pat works with research institutions across Ireland and EU in framing, specking and developing innovative digital tools to address a wide variety of social needs.
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