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Dear GECES members,

In order to collect practical, tangible stories of how social economy stakeholders are contributing to create economic value, societal bonds and environmental impact  – we have decided to launch the Social Economy Diaries.

Social Economy contributes significantly to changing the economic landscape of Europe for the better but it is still challenging for many to grasp what it really brings and what is its added value.

In addition to being an inspiration to others, the collected stories will give insights on the specific needs of this important part of our economy. The results will be collected and published in a small downloadable booklet that will also be distributed across Europe to policymakers, citizens, opinion leaders and fellow entrepreneurs.

As a social economy stakeholder, as a contributor, as a consumer of products and services with a deep societal or environmental purpose… your experience counts!

Writing the story and answering to the questions usually takes from 15 to 20 minutes.

Ready to start? Click here:

Please don’t hesitate to share and disseminate this link with your networks and colleagues. More experiences we collect –  better overview we get and stronger message we can communicate.

In case of additional questions related to the Diaries, you can contact us via the above-mentioned website or you can send us a message/request via:

Looking forward to your experiences and stories.

Best regards,

GECES Secretariat

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