From our European Partners: Social Economy Europe

The SEE report on the impact of Covid-19 on social economy enterprises is out!

Read the report here

Social Economy Europe has gathered the experiences and opinions of 274 social economy enterprises and organisations and drafted a report, shedding light on the way Covid-19 impacted the sector as well as its needs and recommendations in order to move forward.

Invited by the European Commission, Social Economy Europe produced a survey which was circulated through different channels. 273 European – and one Turkish – social economy actors answered the questionnaire, producing a picture of the impact of Covid-19 on the social economy, needs and opinions on the post-crisis period as well as important country differences, although not representative of the whole social economy reality in Europe.

The final results were gathered together in this report, which aims at giving a clearer picture on the situation of the social economy sector and its needs, in order to achieve better recognition and support on a public administration level.

Social Economy Europe wishes to thank all the social economy actors that invested a part of their time to reply to this survey in such a critical moment, as well as all the partners, members, governments that disseminated this survey. Thank You!

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