From our friends in CAN:

A conversation with Deirdre Halloran –a published  researcher in the field and Jacqueline Healy of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission

Friday October 2nd  from 12.30 to 14.00 IST

A conversation with Deirdre Halloran & Jacqueline Healy on how social clauses can deliver social sustainability and human rights.

About this Event

Public bodies can include social clauses in their procurement contracts to benefit people in our communities that live with social disadvantage. The conversation will explore the legal basis for social clauses and how they relate to sustainable development and the human rights obligations of States. In this way, we will explore the role public procurement can play in facilitating States’ fulfilment of their duties to protect, respect, and fulfil human rights.

About Deirdre

Deirdre Halloran is an adjunct lecturer at NUI Galway whose research interests include EU public procurement regulation and finding ways of improving how Member States implement social procurement. Her IRC funded Ph.D. thesis, ‘Evaluating Social Value in Social Clauses, Tensions in EU Public Procurement Regulation and Horizontal Considerations’ examines EU public procurement regulation in Ireland, the U.K. and the Netherlands and its relationship to social value creation and its connection to social, environmental and human rights. She has published, in conjunction with CAN, A Primer on the use of Social Clauses in Ireland. She is currently working on a IHREC funded research project with CAN investigating the experience of public projects in Ireland that have implemented social considerations in their contracts in order to make policy recommendations on their future use.

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Healy is Public Sector Duty Manager with the Irish Rights and Equality Commission. Before joining the Commission in 2017, Jacqueline worked in the non-governmental sector with organisations focused on gender, migration, anti-racism and interculturalism, both in Ireland and overseas. Jacqueline has a degree in law and history and a Masters Degree in Human Rights and Democratization.

The webinar will be hosted by Peter Dorman of Community Action Network (CAN) a social justice organization based in Dublin. CAN has been working to promote social clauses in public procurement as a means of advancing social justice. Social Clauses are still new in Ireland, but their potential has already been shown in a number of projects. He chairs a Forum of projects that use social clauses in Ireland.

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