The Irish Social Business Campus (‘ISBC’) in partnership with Innovate Communities is delighted to invite you to our information evening: ‘Set up and Governance for Social Enterprise’.

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During this online event we will take you through both the theory and the ‘real life’ practicalities of good governance for social enterprises in Ireland in 2020.

We will bring clarity and understanding to a subject that is often seen as being fraught with complexities, especially for Social Enterprises.
But first, why is Governance so important?

  • Governance strengthens leadership
  • It empowers stakeholders
  • It provides legitimacy, accountability and transparency.
  • Governance helps safeguard the mission of your social enterprise.

What you will learn:

  • About the different legal structures available in Ireland
  • The pros/cons associated with each of these structures
  • About Directors responsibilities
  • About the good governance code
  • Overall, best practice for legal compliance
  • Why good governance is to your benefit

Our speakers are:

Diarmaid O’Corrbui
CEO of Carmichael Centre, Diarmaid is known as one of the most authoritative and practical voices in Ireland on good governance and company structures.

Eamon Ryan
CEO of ISBC, Eamon, through insights from the many social enterprises ISBC has engaged with, will share the positive benefits that derive from well thought through effective governance and the importance of such practises in minimising the difficulties, challenges and conflict that can arise when gaps appear.


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