From our friends in Social Economy Europe

The Covid-19 pandemic and its social distance and lock-down measures are having a heavy toll on the most vulnerable in our societies, including small producers and workers.

The current crisis has shown us not only how interdependent we all are but also how the destruction of nature, the deforestation as well as the climate and health crises are all interrelated, and share the exploitation of people and planet as a common root cause.

Returning to ¨business as usual¨ after the pandemic would reinforce the inequalities and unsustainability of our current system. Instead, a transformation of the economy and the governance of global supply chains is needed, not only in the interest of small producers and farmers, but also in the interest of present and future generations.

This statement has been endorsed by a diversity of organisations as World Fair Trade Organisation, Social Economy Europe, the International Cooperative Alliance, FTAO, RIPESS International or the Well Being Economy Allianceamong others.
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