From Social Economy Europe Network

Social Economy Europe is launching a new series of podcasts, called “Social Economy Talks”, regarding the most relevant upcoming issues in the social economy sphere.

It will follow a journey of discovery (narrated by our most recent team member Nicholas Clark) aimed at elucidating social economy success stories and role regarding the green transition, diversity and migrant entrepreneurship, digitalisation, COVID recovery and in promoting human capital, among many other things.

Interviews with important organisations on the ground as well as relevant policy players will give a digestible introduction to the social economy in practice.

The pilot episode is available as an interview with our Director, Victor Meseguer at the following links: 

On our website: 

And at these popular podcasting platforms:

We expect to produce one episode per month. Additional interviews may be released as well as additional sub-episodes.

The podcast will focus on the work of our members as well as the wider social economy community, so if you would like to take part, please email to set up an interview.

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