From our colleagues in Social Impact Ireland

3 days to Launch!

Have you heard? The international social enterprise accreditation is coming to Ireland!

Social Impact Ireland are delighted to share that we have partnered with Social Enterprise Mark CIC, an international accreditation body to pioneer the Social Enterprise Mark in Ireland.

The Social Enterprise Mark defines what it means to be a genuine social enterprise. It is an international accreditation, which acts as an independent, externally assessed guarantee that a business is operating as a social enterprise, with the central aim of using income/profits to maximise social benefit, taking precedent over generating dividends for owners/shareholders. It provides assurance that a company is living up to it’s claims as a business committed to creating positive social/environmental change.

Join us for the Big Day.

We have purposely chosen this Thursday (Nov 19th) as the day to launch SE Mark here in Ireland, as it is a day for celebrations. It is Social Enterprise Day and Entrepreneurship Day!

In the morning we will be joining you all for the 2nd National Social Enterprise Conference – “Shaping a Sustainable, Inclusive Recovery”
Link to register for the SE Conference

In the evening we will be closing this momentous day with our own online event.

We would like to invite you to join us on our Launch Day on Thursday 19th November at 7pm. Expect some great conversations and insights by Pauline Gannon of Social Impact Ireland and Lucy Findlay of Social Enterprise Mark CIC. We will be featuring the six individuals who will be taking their Social Enterprise through Irelands first ever SE Mark process over the coming months. This event will also be dedicated to celebrating YOU, the people behind the Social Enterprises.

To register for the event, see below

Register here


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