Award-winning international social enterprise accreditation body Social Enterprise Mark CIC (SEMCIC) has announced a new partnership to pioneer its social enterprise accreditation in the Republic of Ireland.

SEMCIC will be collaborating with Social Impact Ireland to enhance and grow the Irish social enterprise sector through the introduction of the Social Enterprise Mark accreditation standard, which enables social enterprises to gain recognition that will build their capabilities as competitive, sustainable businesses, dedicated to maximising social impact.

With a ten year track record in providing social enterprise accreditation, SEMCIC has developed an international assessment process that can be applied anywhere in the world. The Social Enterprise Mark now has a presence in 10 different countries, including Ireland, and SEMCIC is looking forward to working with Social Impact Ireland to help develop the growing social enterprise sector in the country.

Social Impact Ireland will be conducting a pilot project to support a number of Irish social enterprises through the process of applying for accreditation from Social Enterprise Mark CIC, ahead of a wider rollout in 2021.

Speaking about the partnership, Pauline Gannon, Director of Social Purpose and Impact at Social Impact Ireland, said: “We are incredibly privileged to work with Social Enterprise Mark CIC to bring their worldwide recognised Social Enterprise Mark to Ireland. A momentous moment in the history of the social enterprise sector here in Ireland and a turning point for all involved in the sector. Bringing recognition and credibility to those who work with impact at the heart of what they do.”

Lucy Findlay, Managing Director at Social Enterprise Mark CIC added: “We are really excited to be working with Social Impact Ireland to pioneer the Social Enterprise Mark in Ireland. The current worldwide health and economic crisis has shown that there is more of an appetite than ever for the formation of businesses that can evidence social impact as their raison d’etre. The Social Enterprise Mark proves those credentials in a world where actions must speak louder than words.”

The Social Enterprise Mark will officially be launched at an online event on Thursday 19th November (Social Enterprise Day), where Pauline and Lucy will share their insights, as well as showcasing the six individuals who will be participating in the pilot over the coming months.

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