From the European Commission:


Dear colleagues and supporters of social economy,

We are pleased to present to you in more details our recently launched project: Social Economy Diaries.

The Social Economy Diaries is an online platform that allows stakeholders in social economy, like yourself, to share their story and offers a unique opportunity to have your voice heard.

The goal of the Social Economy Diaries is to show the impact of social economy and its resilience, richness and variety via your valuable input.

By answering a short questionnaire, you become part of a network with an extensive pool on knowledge, expertise and information. In this growing social economy community you can discover planned and active initiatives and projects, get in contact with other stakeholders, and gain visibility for your own project. Your most authentic story might even be published in the open diaries, with your consent, or even presented during the European Social Economy Summit in Manheim in May 2021.

Our current work on different initiatives and supportive actions in the field of social economy, under the umbrella of the EU Recovery Strategy, allows you to have a say on where to direct future policies in social economy.

We are approaching you to make sure that via the Social Economy Diaries your voice is heard and contribute to co-construction of social economy policies. We hope that you take part and in turn share this with your own network, to make this project happen.

Whether you are a social entrepreneur, an academic, an employee or a consumer, you are the voice of social economy.

The Social Economy Diaries platform is available in several language versions.

Share your story with us here.

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