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NEW CATEGORY: Social Enterprise 2021

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 12:00 PM


This category awards excellence in working with a partner social enterprise. Businesses can partner with a social enterprise in a number of different ways, for example, including social enterprises in their supply chain, funding the delivery of a specific initiative, provision of work experience and/or employment to social enterprise clients, engaging in an awareness campaign with the partner social enterprise, or providing operational and skills sharing which will support the social enterprise’s work. This category is about business engaging through collaborative means so that the impact of the social enterprise is increased. This category is open to companies (non social enterprise) who partner with a social enterprise. Click here to view our checklist to help ensure your partnership is with a social enterprise.


A company must be located in the Republic of Ireland to enter these awards.
You may enter as many categories as you like, but you may only submit one entry per category.
Given the high number of applications to some categories, it is sometimes necessary to divide them into sub categories. In the event that a category needs to be divided, please note that we will use the following definitions:
  • A multinational Corporation (MNC) is defined for the Sustainable Business Impact Awards as a corporation that was originally established outside of Ireland with more than 50 employees.
  • A Large Indigenous Company (LIC) is defined for the Sustainable Business Impact Awards as a company which has more than 50 employees and was originally established in Ireland. Companies considered partnerships which are Irish owned and operated are eligible for this category.
  • An SME is defined for the Sustainable Business Impact Awards as any company having 50 employees or less.
Please note that while there is a specific category for SMEs, entry to all categories is open to SMEs.
You may only submit a specific project once. If you require guidance, please feel free to contact Carly Mooney on 014004300.
Every section of the application form must be filled out completely and correctly.
There is a strict word count which must be adhered to. The online application form will not accept applications that exceed the word count.
The information submitted on application forms may be used by Chambers Ireland in promotion of projects and the Sustainable Business Impact Awards.
In the event that your project is shortlisted, our media partners will be in touch to obtain branding information and footage for promotional material for the awards. The information, materials and contact details submitted with your application forms may be used by Chambers Ireland and/or our media partner in promotion of the awards.
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