From TU Dublin

TU Dublin has developed a module entitled Social Economy Enterprise Development. It will provide students with a thorough understanding of what constitutes the social economy enterprise sector, the challenges the sector faces, the contribution it can make in addressing a range of societal issues and the supports required and provided to strengthen the sector’s development.

The module will be delivered via a combination of online and onsite lectures in TU Dublin, Bolton Street.  It will balance theory and practice and provide students with an understanding of the skills required to develop and sustain vibrant social economy enterprises.  Starting in October 2021, the module will conclude in May 2022.

In relation to accreditation, on completion of the module students will be awarded a CPD Certificate in Social Economy Enterprise Development.  This is worth 10 ECTS.  The credits can go towards obtaining the MSc in local development and innovation.

An honours Bachelor Degree in any relevant discipline is required.  However eligible candidates may be interviewed where work/career experience is being considered in lieu of academic qualifications.

Download: social economy enterprise development module prospectus

Download: Social Economy Enterprise Module

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