We have been advised that the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) have launched the online public consultation to assist with the development of the next Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) National Implementation Plan.  They have suggested that we share the link with any relevant stakeholders/networks who may wish to participate in the consultation process.


The consultation will be open for submission for an 8-week period, from Friday 16 July to Friday 10 September 2021.  Please find the link to the consultation below:


A fundamental objective of developing the next National Implementation Plan is listening to and integrating the voices of stakeholders and this is why the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications is launching this consultation process at the outset of developing the Plan. The approach is also reflective of the fact that the SDGs belong to everybody and that Governments need to work in partnership with society to achieve the Goals.


As part of the consultation process DECC want to hear from as many people as possible to:

  1. i)             Assess the awareness of, and engagement with, the SDGs;
  2. ii)            Establish general opinion on progress made to-date; and

iii)          Seek feedback and recommendations to inform the drafting and development of the next National Implementation Plan.


Please feel free to share this with other relevant stakeholders in your network.


Kind Regards,


Melissa Moloney

Rural Strategy and Social Enterprise Unit

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