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Introducing our 2021 Impact Awardees 


We’re delighted to introduce you to our 2021 Impact Awardees – ByoWave, Mother Tongues, Peer Education Technologies, Positive Carbon and Shapes of Grief. These five incredible social entrepreneur-led organisations are addressing the exclusion and isolation caused by inaccessible games controllers, inequalities for multilingual families, a lack of supports for people with dyslexia, food waste and the need for increased grief education through their solutions.
The SEI Impact Programme is an accelerator programme that identifies high-potential social entrepreneurs and supports them through funding and mentoring, as well as providing access to a network of support. Over the next nine months our Impact Awardees will receive training in areas such as fundraising, governance, leadership, and storytelling, in addition to receiving €20,000 in unrestricted funding,

Learn more about our 2021/2022 Impact Awardees below.

Brandon Blacoe & Eibhlin O’Riordan

ByoWave makes modular, accessible, and customisable video game controllers for people with disabilities, enabling everyone to build their own way to play.



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Dr Francesca La Morgia

Mother Tongues
Mother Tongues creates and delivers training and informative resources in the areas of multiculturalism and bilingualism.


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Graham Brocklebank

Peer Education Technologies
Peer is cloud-based assistive technology solution for people with dyslexia that works by addressing issues with accessibility, reading and spelling.

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Aisling & Mark Kirwan

Positive Carbon
Positive Carbon works with hospitality businesses to reduce their impact on the environment through using its fully automated food waste monitoring technology.

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Liz Gleeson

Shapes of Grief
Shapes of Grief provides comprehensive grief education and resources to individuals, mental health professionals and healthcare workers worldwide.

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