Patrizia Bussi, ENSIE Director, participated to the Informal meeting of EU Ministers for Employment and Social Policy in Ljubljana, Slovenia at the beginning of July, as a representant of Civil Society in the Social Platform delegation.

During this event, work integation social enterprises (WISEs) have been identified as central to develop inclusive markets, in particular by Alva Finn, Social Platform Director:
“Social economy enterprises have an important role in creating inclusive labour markets. Organisations whose main goal is to serve members of the community rather than to seek profit, who cover a wide range of social missions and have democratic governance should be recognized and promoted in every Member State. Work Integration Social Enterprises facilitate equal access to work opportunities for many people from vulnerable groups and should receive better support for their work. What do we mean by better support, we mean fiscal facilities like tax exemptions on profits, subsidizing the recruitment of disadvantaged and disabled workers. The knowledge and good practices of these social enterprises should be used in the design of inclusive labour and social policies.”

Those discussions are really encouraging for the acknowledgment and the development of work integation social enterprises in Europe and encourage ENSIE to pursue its work.

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