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Today at 18:00 CET is the deadline to apply for the first edition of the European Social Economy Awards.

Are you part of an innovative social economy project operating or having a relevant impact in one of the following domains: social innovation, green transition and digitalisation and skills? If yes, you can still apply heretoday before 18:00 CET.

The European Social Economy Awards ceremony will take place on Tuesday 12 October 2021, from 18:30 to 20:45, at the Slovenian Digital Centre, in Ljubljana. The Awards ceremony will be hybrid to facilitate an important participation of social economy actors and policy makers from all over Europe. One represantative of each of the three finalists per category will be invited  -thanks to contributions from sponsors- to join in person the Awards Ceremony in Ljubljana.

The event will be presented by Master of Ceremonies Chris MM Gordon, who has an impressive track record as co-presenter of the European Social Economy Summit (Mannheim Summit) and of the ENSIE WISE Manager Awards, among many other social economy and social innovation events. 

“The EU Social Economy Awards Ceremony is a night to celebrate what we have achieved as the European Social Economy Community, as well as our capacity to innovate, cooperate and create and provide innovative solutions. Also a night to learn from each other, and reflect on our collective capacity to build a better future of Europe”.
Juan Antonio Pedreño, President of SEE. 

From SEE, we would like to thank the sponsors that are making this first edition of the  EU Social Economy Awards into a reality: the Slovenian Presidency of the Council, CAJAMAR Cooperative Group, CEPES(Spanish Social Economy Confederation), Hefame Group, ONCE Social Group, and the Region of Murcia. More sponsors can be announced in the coming days.

Would you like to be part of this EU Social Economy Awards as a sponsor? Please contact us at 

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