You are invited to this online event that will offer advice on building social enterprise in rural Ireland, and how social enterprise can support rural communities:

Join us on 30th September at 11am to take part in this event, brought to you by the Department of Rural and Community Development and the Western Development Commission.

Registration is now open. Click HERE to book your place.

Social enterprises are an important part of local economies in rural areas, often filling gaps in markets that are not attractive to commercially-focused companies due to low population densities or economies of scale.

The Rural Development Policy ‘Our Rural Future’ published in March 2021 represents a new milestone in the approach to rural development in Ireland. One of the key deliverables from ‘Our Rural Future’ is to support the development of Social Enterprises in rural areas to increase their social, economic and environmental impact and contribute to job creation locally.

This online event will bring together key stakeholders involved in rural social enterprise to discuss the challenges and opportunities for social enterprises in rural communities. There will also be an opportunity to virtually visit three social enterprises to see the impact they are having in their communities.

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