From WeACT:

We Act is a campaign to celebrate the impact of Ireland’s charities and community groups.

It elevates the positive stories and acknowledge the remarkable, everyday efforts of thousands of people around the country.

It is a collaborative campaign and is supported by The Community Foundation for Ireland RTÉ Does Comic Relief Fund.

Why a campaign?

The response to Covid-19 illuminated how charities and community groups do incredible things. The pandemic demonstrated that in times of real crisis, we are at the forefront of our national response. But this work often goes unseen or is misunderstood.

We have a fresh understanding of what is important and what we value. We have a renewed sense of community. We want a society with more emphasis on equality, justice and work-life balance.  

There needs to be a concerted effort to ensure that the goodwill and community cohesion that we saw during Covid-19 continues. If we don’t value our charities and community groups, we will loose them. 

What are the goals?

1. We want to share positive stories. Stories about the people who spot a gap, see a need, take the initiative, and act. 

2. We want everyone in Ireland to realise that we all benefit from charities and community groups. If you’ve ever been to the theatre, adopted a dog, played local sports, called a helpline, enjoyed a Tidy Town — you’ve been impacted. 

3. We want to encourage participation.We want volunteering and community involvement to be part of the fabric of our society. 

4. We want to celebrate the people who work and volunteer in our charities and communities. We want them to feel part of something bigger — meaningful societal change. 

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