From OECD:

Laying the groundwork for improving youth-led social enterprise policy and support

The OECD wants to better understand the opportunities and challenges faced by youth-led social enterprises – and how current and future policies could better support them.

Do you have experience with social enterprises? Are you trying to start one? If so, we want to hear from you!

Data gathered from this survey will be used for a forthcoming report on youth-led social enterprises, helping to inform approaches to nurture and scale up their emergence and growth.


The Project

Fostering youth-led social enterprises has the double benefit of providing youth with jobs while allowing youth to have an impact on society. Policy makers in many countries and regions have recognised the potential of social enterprises to drive positive social outcomes and are now developing new policies, legislation and strategies to support social enterprise development.

To capitalise on the transformative power of youth-led social enterprises, it will be important for policy makers to consider the specific needs and potential of young entrepreneurs when designing these policies so that strategies do not just create jobs but also enable youth to be actors of the future.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation!


Deadline: 15 November 2021


This research is being conducted in the framework of OECD Global Action “Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy Ecosystems” with funding from the European Union.

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