From the Wheel:

To lead The Wheel’s Finance and Operations Department and be a member of the Senior Management Team.

The Wheel is Ireland’s national association of community and voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises. We are a registered charity in Ireland and are unique in our role as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for anything related to the charity and non-profit sector.

‘Our Vision is a thriving community and voluntary sector at the heart of a fair, just and inclusive Ireland.’

We are an authoritative and trusted voice for the sector. Together with our members, we work to ensure that the sector is recognised and respected, adequately resourced and appropriately regulated.

The Wheel is now seeking to appoint a Director of Finance to lead The Wheel’s Finance and Operations Department and be a member of the Senior Management Team.

Reporting to the CEO, the role provides strategic leadership and direction to The Wheel across its work, with a particular focus on finance, risk management, operational and impact activities.  The role also involves external engagement with members, regulators and policy-makers influencing change at both national and local levels.

Key responsibilities of the role include: 

  • Leading a ‘best in class’ finance function, driving innovation, efficiency and effectiveness in all financial operations.
  • Assessing overall financial risks and opportunities for the organisation as well as ensuring value for all operational and capital spending.
  • Providing strategic direction and financial oversight for key development projects, member services and sustainability initiatives.
  • Influencing and offering strategic advice and support to The Wheel members, board of directors and relevant sector wide Committees.
  • Representing our members on fora and working groups related to regulations and public policy development and implementation.
  • Ensuring that operational resources are aligned to support The Wheel’s strategic objectives.


As a member of the Senior Management Team, the new appointee will play an important role in the development and delivery of The Wheel’s strategic objectives. 

By joining The Wheel you will become part of a movement of people and organisations who believe that by working together we can shape Ireland’s future.

The ideal candidate will be a senior finance professional, highly experienced in developing and implementing financial and operational strategies.

The new Director will bring a blend of strong communication, people and leadership skills. They will also have the strategic and relationship management expertise to manage a dynamic and complex environment involving a range of stakeholders both internal and external to The Wheel.

If you would like further information or have any queries in relation to this role please contact Catherine Smith McKiernan at

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